Scanning Lenses

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Lead Time:
Lead times provided upon quote. days

Special Optics high resolution (small spot size) F-Theta Scan lenses achieve ultra-fine resolution laser cutting and etching. Our standard and custom laser scan lenses are developed for the most demanding laser micro-machining customers around the world. According to our customers, we routinely deliver the highest resolution, smallest spot sizes, tightest tolerances and lens durability in the optics industry.

Our F-Theta Scan lenses are ideally used in combination with our large output beam expanders for a variety of laser processing and laser micro-machining tasks such as cutting of solar cells, laser marking, laser drilling, and laser scribing.


  • Flat Field at the Image Plane

  • Diffraction Limited Performance

  • Air Spaced Designs for High Damage Threshold

  • Anti-reflection Coatings on All Surfaces

  • Designs from the Ultraviolet to the Visible and Infrared Regions


  • Laser Cutting of Solar Cells

  • Laser Drilling of Metal and Ceramic Sheets (PCB's) Laser Marking of Diverse Materials (Automotive Parts, IC's, Smart Cards)

  • Laser Scribing of Ceramic Substrates Confocal Scanning Beam Laser Microscope for Biotechnology