PL-D753 HDR 3 MP Camera


The Pixelink PL-D753 camera model with the Sony IMX421 3rd generation Pregius CMOS global shutter sensor is ideal for high dynamic range imagingapplications requiring both high resolution images and fast frame rates.

Available in mono and color, the IMX421 performs well in the NIR range.

HDR imaging is a technique used to render a captured image with a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging. A key feature of the IMX421 Sony sensor is a Dual ADC mode where each pixel can be read out with two different gains when enabled.

The PL-D753 combines the Dual ADC images into a single hybrid HDR image, directly on camera - thus removing the need for any host processing. Real time on camera HDR is an easy way for the user to gain 6-10dB of additional dynamic range on their image without straining the CPU or requiring additional complex software algorithms.

As with all the Pixelink cameras, the PL-D753 is compatible with Pixelink Capture, our free real-time interactive multicamera software application.

PL-D753 Datasheet

Sensor: SONY IMX421
Shutter: Global
Resolution: 1936 x 1464 (2.8)
Sensor Size: 2/3"
Frame Rates/Second: 143 fps
Pixel Size: 4.5 μm